What is ROCKSTAR and what's not.

Now that all my friends are signed to major labels and are playing to world sized venues, questions arise about Rockstardom. There is a certain taboo associated with acting like a ROCKSTAR. Any Indie rocker with a crumb of sense knows that as soon as you dispay a hint of ROCKSTAR 'tude, the fans will turn on you, and the omnipresent media (i.e. fanzine authors, usually high school kids with lots of time) will swoop in for the kill. I'm left wondering who is being protected here? The band tiptoes around on eggshells, avoiding the ROCKSTAR pitfalls... I ask: Who is this mortal offense against? Indie means doing what you want to do, how you want to do it. Trying to market yourself as Not Rockstar seems a rather corporate way of doing things. And I think that's OK, albeit misguided. Encores Shy, self absorbed Be a part of the experience Not accepting thanks, compliment "Artist" radio edits, video, playing the game, play to win egotistical to think that at this level the music is about the band. its about the fans

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