Champaign, Illinois  1991-1995

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C-U Bandjam 1994 -- nice hat, eh? Rod and Jason at CBGB, November, 1994 Gabe's Oasis, Iowa City, April, 1994
Rod in front of a famous awning: Country, BlueGrass & Blues After two weeks on the road without a Slurpee -- success in Richmond, VA! Nick, Rod and Other Music From Under Ground
Nick, Gordon, Larry and the Merch Box Jason and Nick at CBGB in 1994.  We saw Thurston, Kim and Coco that night! Nick with Bill from the Blue Meanies.  Man, did we play a lot of shows with them.  Great guys!
Rod and Jason at Gabe's Oasis in Iowa City.  3.2 beer.  Crazy guy with nail-spiked shoes. Larry with Martini Rob, a.k.a. Rob (or Laurie) McColley News flash!  Drummer swallows Washington Monument!