Champaign, Illinois  1991-1995

Steakdaddy Six mp3s of the month for December, 1999


Fishgiver is probably the first Steakdaddy Six song.  Actually, it was a Buttslammarama song first, but that's another story.  It's the only song that Rod wrote the lyrics for (what little lyrics there are).  My then-girlfriend Jenny was taking an animation class with my friend Jim Kamp, and Jenny showed me a picture of this little guy named Phlebus.  He was a b/w stick figure with a big torso and stick legs who tried to win friends by giving them fish.  He didn't have any visible pockets, but he kept on pulling those fish out.  I guess we can do a line-by-line analysis...

Short, black, white, skinny, fat
He was short, in black and white, with skinny legs and a fat upper body

Blood baby, won't you be my friend?
Bryan St. Pere from Hum (I was also in Hum at the time) was a phlebotomist, which meant he drew blood at the hospital.  And Phlebus wanted everyone to be his friend.

You don't understand
I don't want no bloody fish

Pockets like the doctor
Reachin' in, pullin out, handin' me
Goldfish, sea bass, albacore
The fact that he kept pulling out these fishes like there was no tomorrow reminded me of Doctor Who, who had the deepest pockets in UK sci-fi history.

Phlebie's just a seafood whore
Brilliant social commentary from a 21-year-old.


Lots of Steakdaddy Six song titles were just insipid inside jokes.  This one came from when Larry and Jason worked at Barnett's/Piccadilly/Service Liquors in Champaign-Urbana, IL.  It seems that customers would often come in clamoring for "a pint of Bumpy (Canadian Club or Mist, I forget -- the one with the little nubs on it) and a pack of what I is (Kool)."

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