Champaign, Illinois  1991-1995

Steakdaddy Six consisted primarily of these five guys:

my name is jason... I live on the second floor Name: Jason Anderson

Aliases: Jay, Jaybird, Tough Guy

Weapon: Skyscrape Yip

MO: Search the bar, buy the drinks, don't let her stray.

I owned a van that had a horn that played la cucaracha Name: Nick Macri

Aliases: Mad Dog McCree, Maccriciavetti, Nick Marcie, Uke

Weapon: Low-End Signal Drench

MO: Whatever you do, it will sound better through a wah-wah pedal.

I work for Moog... funkay! Name: Gordon Pellegrinetti

Alibi: Schenectady?  I was nowhere near Schenectady!

Weapon: Silver Port Space Stagger

MO: You play 4/4, I'll play 7/4, and we'll meet up at 28!

c'mon baby... Name: Larry Thompson

Aliases: Larry Love, L.T., Lawrence of Oregano, T.J.

Weapon: Purple Starboard Choke Wash

MO: Classified...every man in the Western Hemisphere wants to know it.

ow!  get that pointy thing off of my face!  Name: Roderick van Huis

Aliases: Dutch, Coach, Gooch

Weapon: Hoover Funnel Cloud

MO: Does the band get a break on beer?  No, I mean, seriously.

These two guys, Chris Green and Bryan St. Pere, were drummers for a while, and we appreciated having them around...

Chris Green: Chris was one of our first drummer (we always had two, don't ya know).  He played with us for about a year, until he decided to leave for Harvard Law School.  Some people just make bad decisions.  Chris made a comeback with Steakdaddy Six at the 1994 Great Cover-Up when the Daddy took on the role of Urge Overkill...Chris was a natural!

Chris is presently tour manager for Hum.  He has also managed bands like 7 Seconds, the Dambuilders, and Atari Teenage Riot.

Chris gets extra bonus points for (still) having the only Steakdaddy Six license plate in history.  Look for it in'll know it if you see it!

Bryan St. Pere:Bryan is probably better known as the drummer for another Champaign band, Hum.  He recorded the first Steakdaddy Six demo in his basement, and, upon hearing that Chris would be leaving the band, offered to lend a hand.  He only played one show, but ended it in the most bizarre fashion...

It was at the Blind Pig in Champaign, and in the corner of the stage was a broom closet.  Above the closet was a kind of transom-cabinet, and in the cabinet was a styrofoam mannequin, on all fours, as if it were climbing into the cabinet.  Are you with me?  After the last song, Bryan proudly stood up, fired a drumstick towards the cabinet, and it landed buried three inches deep in the mannequin...precisely where the sun doesn't shine.

Gordon Pellegrinetti
Jeff "Logger" Sorenson
Roderick van Huis
Dow Drake
"Disco" Jim Asnis
Dave Murphy

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