Interviews and Reviews

From Alternative Press (12/95)

HOUSTONIA: Not all bands with two drummers are wizened hippies (Grateful Dead) or Hispano-cosmik (Santana). Suburban Urbana, Illinois has disgorged the defiantly not urbane Steakdaddy Six, a beefy paternal quintet with two, count 'em, two drummers. One for each channel. Or, each head.

 You'll need two heads or more if you're going to listen to the Steaks often. By about halfway through their second album, Houstonia, one's head is propelled through the wall. Whether this is in empathy with the assaultive power of the band or a dynamic defensive reflex action depends... depends on whether you like overheated metal chariot races and lacerated vocal pleadings for understanding and good will to the human race.

 Actually, the lyrics are less wishy-washy than that ("with a razor and a song/ he'll clip your nappy head and throat" comes closer to the experience). With a few arty flourishes and time changes thrown in, Steakdaddy Six keep up the throttle on a thick, throaty sludge of sound. It's like being enmeshed in very loud seaweed.
Stephen M. H. Braitman

From Speed Kills...

we even said some of this stuff, I think... maybe Grinnell College, IA, after a show with the Blue Meanies

SK: Me and Nick go way back...not sure why...

N: All the way back to Shreveport.
J: Vegas. Vegas. Vegas.

SK: I'd like to go around to everyone else, and have you tell me just a little bit about Nick. Larry, what do you think when you think of Nick?

L: Oh, sh*t. A greasy Italian guy.
J: Vegas.
G: I think it's time for a haircut.
J: Vegas.
R: I like the way he drives, cuz he reminds me of my grandma. He's a good driver, but he's got the hunched-over kinda thing.
G: He's the driving machine.
J: Vegas.
N: I feel like this is "My Life" and you guys are toasting me.

SK: In some ways it is.

G: I made calamari for Nick and he puked for 24 hours.
J: Vegas.
N: At least. He made fried squid, the friedest squid I'd ever seen- tentacles and all.

SK: "Gazelle," any thoughts?

J: I knew Nick before porn.
N: Ah man, you always gotta bring up porn...
J: I don't know if you guys have Beta

SK: Have you guys transcended the gimmick of the double-drummer thing?

L: (ruffled) Gimmick? Whattya mean?

SK: Oh, it's not a burn, just a conceptual question... uh...

R: For the first time, I had my name...the guitar one of our review type things. For the first time, that's all I'm gonna say. It's always "double drummers, and wah-wah bass, and ..."
J: ...and a big singer. Vegas.
R: Usually they don't even bother.

SK: Like I said, I didn't bring it up as a slam, it works for me, but...

J: ...oh you're sayin' .38 Special, and we get it, allright. We understand.
L: We're doing that southern-fried rock! That's us.

SK: Who came up with the concept for Steakdaddy Six?

N: We were all down except for one of our drummers decided to go to Harvard Law School.
G: What a waste!

SK: So you had two drummers from the very beginning?

N: Yeah, that was the whole point.

SK: Who brought out the Morley pedal?

J: Oh sh*t...
N: I stole it from Corndolly.
G: No, it was a fair trade; they have a Twin Reverb copy and a Rat and a strap...
J: ...and an attitude.

SK: So from the beginning, the plan was to have 2 drummers and a fuzzed-out wah bass?

N: No, but at the place where we were practicing there happened to be a fuzz-wah there.

SK: Nick, what's up with Hot Glue Gun? Is Steakdaddy more of an informal thing for you?

N: Yes it was, but Steakdaddy Six is my...
J:...he wears a leisure suit to practice sometimes...
N: Once in a while, yeah. But once yr married into this family, forget about it. I'm dead if I leave.
J: Why won't anyone smoke with me?
G: Jason, why did you take up smoking?
J: So I can be like...
G: Your parents are gonna read this...

SK: Jason, last time I saw you guys, yr family was in the audience and you wore a shirt that said "F*cker." DId that cause any trouble back at home?

J: I apologized on stage. I said, "Mom, I'm sorry but I'm punk rock tonight." And she understood...
R: And then he said "We've got some sh*t for sale." And then I realized that my parents were in the audience, and I yelled, "Hey! My parents are here!" So he's like, "Oh I'm sorry, we've got some "stuff" for sale. Sorry mom."

SK: Did yr parents buy any stuff after the show?

J: They did. They bought $8,000 worth of stuff; actually, they bought Nick's rig. That's why we're still borrowing one.

SK: Let's get out of here. Do you have any messages for Tony Vegas?

J: Tony Vegas, you cake f*cker.
R: All I can say is "Crullers is where it's at!"
N: Right on, you f*ck. Keep yr last name "Vegas."
J: No, his last name is Camaro.
N: His middle name being "Porno."
G: It only costs 50 bucks, you might as well change it.
J: This is our first interview ever.

SK: Hey, yr a natural...