NEWS: new MP3s!  Fishgiver and Bumpy, the first two tracks from Arkadelphia.

Welcome to the resurrected Steakdaddy Six site!  In late1999, Gordon and Rod teamed up to give it a fresh face, and get it back on the web.  Some content is old, some is new...we've left it up to you to figure out which is which.  Sure, Steakdaddy's been relegated to the cutout bins, but what the hay.  We've added lots of photos, member profiles, and a rotating set of mp3s.  Hope you like it.  If you have any questions, comments, great thoughts, etc. please sign our guestbook (coming soon) or drop us a line at

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Steakdaddy Six was:
Jason Anderson - vocal croon
Nick Macri - bass guitar
Larry Thompson - drums, stage right
Gordon Pellegrinetti - drums, stage wrong
Roderick Van Huis - six string guitars

*band photo*

This, too, shall pass...

After Rod came back from Germany we were just hanging out, working, that sort of thing. We were broke ass broke, and we had to pay off the rest of the van. So we had to sell the almighty SD6 VAN to a pop band whose name is on the tip of my tongue. Gordon would be teaching in the spring, which meant no touring anyway. Bottom line was, the Daddy was done for all practical purposes. Put us in a cryogenic chamber, and defrost us when they find a cure. Nick began playing with his other band C-Clamp, Gordon was teaching and screwing around on Nick's 8-track studio, Larry and Jay were trying to start up a new band thing sometime, and Rod told me he was toiling endless hours working on his (as yet untitled) oratorio.

-Gordon, April, 1996

Arkadelphia: Birth of the Syndicate Houstonia...the short second album

The new record, Houstonia: had recently come out.  Thanks to Rick Valentin (of Poster Children fame) for the production. Thanks to Rose M. for the art, and Jenny Lofgren for typography. It contains eight cuts and was released on 12INCH Records. We did get a good review in A.P. That's news... I heard from unknown sources that WXRT played it on The Big Beat, which is pretty cool if it's true. That fanzine out of Oakland,CA, Get Off My Wagon was out, too. The first 1000 copies came with a four band comp 7", that we have a song on. Our song is a version of Hip Hop Chewbacca that we recorded with The Tag Team (Colin, Baltie, and Joel of Menthol nee Mother) the previous summer (1995).

*band jam picture*

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