Champaign, Illinois  1991-1995

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Steakdaddy Bio (ha, barely)

to be taken with a grain of salt...

The music of Steakdaddy Six and the visual images which they tote around in their vehicles are fraught with inconsistencies and contradictions. Together, as a group if you will, the members form a loose collective with an alcohol intake that would debilitate the liver of an ox.

Fan appreciation is a concept that Steakdaddy Six painfully ignores. The contradictions I refer to become ever so apparent the moment the stage curtain falls, and the band watches as their roadies pack up the amplifiers and Morley pedals. Their bassist, Nick, speaks fondly of the day care center he now works at and his dream of opening a chain of his own.

Jason, the singer and "frontman" has successfully recovered from extensive arm reconstruction surgery and is visibly gracious just to be able to hurl mic stands again. Outside of the band, though, his freelance research on molecular structure has received unanimous acclaim from the sceintific community. He hopes to collaborate with the staff of geneticists at the Pasteur Institute in France.

Gordon, systems analyst for NASA, joined the band as a means to satiate his dual personality. As a matter of fact, his post at NASA was in jeopardy until very recently. Gordon confides that he is still wrestling with a few demons.

The guitar player, Rod, is sole proprietor of a 125 acre farm in southern Illinois, and his odd schedule forces the band to practice at unusual times. Before farming, Rod's temper on stage was simply unwatchable. This writer was injured more than once for merely being at the wrong place (inside the club) at the wrong time. His mother, and road companion, assures me that working with cattle has settled him down and perhaps he can better apply his 168 IQ to agriculture.

And finally, the enigma that is Larry presents Steakdaddy Six with its most complex personality. His days as an understudy in many Shakespearean festivals and short stint as drummer for King's X has given Larry an insight on the "business" that the other members seem oblivious to. Self-appointed, Larry is the acting band manager although no one seems to show him any sort of respect.

It's a magical mixture, it's a pathetic mixture. Souls are smashed and egos are bloated. But the fact remains, and remember this is show biz, that the Steakdaddy Six are a powerful display of music in that great punk rock cabaret.